CWT5020 GSM alarm system
CWT5020 GSM alarm system

CWT5020 a remote monitoring system base on GSM network designed for families and small offices. It can alarm to users mobile phone by Short Message Service (SMS) and remote sound monitoring and voice function anytime anywhere. It can making the phone a mobile security monitoring center with no software installed. it have a powerful operation LCD menu and easy to use.

Mainframe X1,Remote contol X2,Wireless PIR Sensor X1,Wireless Door Sensor X1,AC/DC AdaptorX1

Function Descriptions :
  • GSM: Dual-band or Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
  • Rated Voltage: 12VDC 1.5A
  • Working temperature: -10~+45
  • Storage temperature: -20~+60
  • Relative humidity: 10-90%, No condensation
  • Wireless sensor receiving frequency:433MHz
  • Related Voltage of the Relay: 5V
  • Effective distance of wireless transmission: 100 m (Open area)
  • the Standby internal rechargeable battery which can last 10 hours
  • Configuration by PC software
  • Can armed, Bypass armed or disarmed by SMS or remote control or mainframe keyboard
  • Automatic send SMS Alert and dial to the pre-set cell phone when any sensor activated
  • Equips with 4 Wired Zones, NC/NO, and Zone Name is editable
  • Equips with 8 Wireless Zones, Normal/Bypass mode and Zone Name is editable, 3 24-Hour zones for Panic button, smoke and gas leakage sensor
  • Supports 10 alarm telephones and 20 Alarm Records for owner review
  • Supports 6 timing points, 4 pre-set timing points for customer choice
  • Supports armed delay to give enough time to you go out the home, the delay time is editable by user
  • Equips with 1 relay output, it like a switch, use for driving DVR, light, gate or other electric appliances once the system activated. It can be disable and enable by user
  • The Keypad can use as a dialer, the functions like the Cell phone
  • The external power failure&recovery alert function is optiona
  • lSupports wiretap through external microphone to special user for high-sensitivity listen by RJ11 connector is available

  • CWT5020 GSM alarm system